Friday, December 30, 2011

Winter Reads

There is nothing better than snuggling up with a cup of Cranberry Apple Tea and reading a good book, while watching the snow slowly cover the darkened streets outside the window. Here are some of the books I'm currently reading, and that I recommend taking a look at.

This year I got a Kindle Touch for Christmas, which has only increased my love for reading. Now I can read wherever I want without having to carry heavy books with me. I still love the feeling of holding an actual book in my hands, but I do prefer the Kindle, seeing as how it can hold up to 3000 books. It also has E ink display so it's not harsh to look at for hours, unlike a computer screen or and iPad.

                                                                                     The Fashion Book
Just recently my brother bought me a book called 'The Fashion Book' written by Phaidon Editors. This book contains 500 designers, photographers, models, etc. who have greatly influenced the fashion world, all in alphabetical order. There's also a cross-referencing system and glossary in the back. I've already spent hours reading this book, and I've learned a ton. I recommend this for anyone who's interested in a career in fashion, and would like some basic knowledge in the fashion and it's background.

This famous book was written by George Orwell in 1948, about what he thinks the world would be like in 1984. It's about a man named Winston Smith who lives in a world where barely anyone has any individual rights. The book was written right after World War 2, with inspiration from the Soviet Union and Germany and it's era of National Socialism. George Orwell writes extremely well, and I'd also recommend another well known book by him called 'Animal Farm' which is on the surface about an animal farm, but really Orwell is mirroring real events while mocking the Soviet Union and their dictatorship. George Orwell himself is a democratic Socialist. 

Impulse is one of many amazing novels written by Ellen Hopkins. She writes her books in verse form, and she'll place the words to form pictures or even separate some from the others to create special effects. The first book I read from her was 'Identical', which I would go so far as to call my favourite book of all time. This book however, is about three different teenagers who have all tried to commit suicide, and have all been sent to the same correctional facility. They meet, and form friendships and other relationships, and help each other through different struggles. It's over 600 pages, and I've only read 14 % according to my Kindle, but I can barely put it down. Although it's a very easy read, it's also the kind of book that will leave you staring into the room, thinking about various situations and difficulties that many teenagers struggle with every day. I'd recommend reading all the books by Ellen Hopkins in a heartbeat, as it truly does open your eyes with all the difficult topics she addresses.

                     The Snowman
Written by Jo Nesbø. I've only read the first chapter and it's already freaked me out. My mom read it and said she kept imagining snowmen standing in the backyard for weeks after she finished. I've only heard great reviews about this book, and several of my friends say that it's amazing but horrifying, so I might wait till the spring with reading the rest.

So that's my current reading list, and please let me know if any of you have any good recommendations.

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